Thursday, January 22, 2009


**booty dancing**

Our president looks like me!

Ouch! I know you can't stand to even look at his photo, can you Tab? LOL. Good. You feel like I feel whenever I look at you!

You Christian righters may as well get used to the idea you got to be LED by a BLACK man. The first lady is BLACK. Their children are BLACK.

Boo Hoo. All your lobbyist friends are about to be broke according to what the papers say. It's not business as usual on Capitol Hill. He's capping salaries too. No more gravy trains just by association. Everybody gets to actually work for a living...just like us regular folks do. I'm not even mad that's he's gonna cut tax breaks for the rich folks. Afterall, we have more so should give more.

Well, got to celebrate some more so I'm just gonna let you cry over your oatmeal, old man. LOL.

**booty dancing some more**

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