Monday, February 09, 2009

Juan Rodriguez- response

You know Tab, it must be really hard to talk and crap out of the same hole.

Tab McGrifth- Micheal Phelps/Chris Brown

You already know what I think about you and your kind, Deva. A damn disgrace all around. No class whatsoever. Both of them ought to be stripped of medal, awards, etc for their foolishness. They don't represent me. But maybe old coke using Obama is cool with them and will invite them to the White House. Yeah, he probably will.

Deva- Micheal Phelps/Chris Brown

Wow, what a week! The celebrities are really making themselves look bad right about now. I mean, first Micheal Phelps smoking pot and is crazy enough to allow somebody to get a photo of it (**slap to the back of the head, Mikey!). And then Chris Brown allegedly assaulting Rihanna (**double slap, Chris)? What's going on?

I mean, I will give Chris somewhat of a pass since he's only 19. We all know 19 = out of control hormones/emotions/etc. But know you know better. Where was you publicist when you decided to toke from the bong?

But the kicker? Micheal gets a slap on the wrist while Chris...charges still not proven...the blogs are already throwing him under the bus! Talk about a double standard. White get a second chance; black....damn near the devil...