Monday, February 09, 2009

Deva- Micheal Phelps/Chris Brown

Wow, what a week! The celebrities are really making themselves look bad right about now. I mean, first Micheal Phelps smoking pot and is crazy enough to allow somebody to get a photo of it (**slap to the back of the head, Mikey!). And then Chris Brown allegedly assaulting Rihanna (**double slap, Chris)? What's going on?

I mean, I will give Chris somewhat of a pass since he's only 19. We all know 19 = out of control hormones/emotions/etc. But know you know better. Where was you publicist when you decided to toke from the bong?

But the kicker? Micheal gets a slap on the wrist while Chris...charges still not proven...the blogs are already throwing him under the bus! Talk about a double standard. White get a second chance; black....damn near the devil...


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