Saturday, March 25, 2006

How far would YOU go to get whatever you wanted in life?
Would you be willing to even dance with the devil...and then some?

Meet the main players below:

Juan Rodriguez

Age: 36

Sex: M

Occupation: Author of See Me for Me, touted as the "New Alternative Lifestyle Bible" and Two Daddies, both huge best sellers.

Born in the hills of Georgia to conservative white collar parents who'd chucked the rat-race of Los Angeles' corporate America to live the "clean, fresh" crime-free life in the country. They didn't believe in television, smoking, drinking, divorce and missing church on Sunday and Wednesdays. In fact Juan first saw televison at age 12, when he participated in a sleepover...a sleepover that left him with confusing feelings.

Juan knew what the feelings were telling him, but he pushed them down, refused to acknowledge what he was, how he was a total antithesis to his parents beliefs and expectations. Not until he left for college did he allow the closet door to quietly creak open...for Bodie.

Bodie, his professor, was Juan's first lover. Unfortunately for Juan, commitment was NOT Bodie's middle name or even on his radar. A hard lesson Juan learned one fateful day. An explosive breakup followed and Juan fell into a funk...until he put pen to paper and wrote his feelings out. His cleansing took 300 double spaced 8.5 X 11 pages but he was a better man because of it.

In fact, he wondered if others were going through similar trials. He let a few new friends read it, who let a few others read it and the suggestion to find an agent was thrown about. Juan took the advice and found a gem of one in Nancy Rottenberg.

Nancy fished the manuscript around and both of them were astounded at the offer from Oscan House books. Nancy had never seen an advance of this amount for a first time author. She wanted legal advice but Juan, overwhelmed by the size of the offer responded--exact words here-- "I don’t care if this contract makes me Lucifer’s personal valet, I’m signing this sucker!"

And he did...

Juan's world was looking up. He opened his heart to love and love found him in the form of Zeus. Zeus completed Juan, was his ying to his yang, the omega to his alpha. They felt...completed. So the decision to have a child was planned and implemented via a surrogate. They are now the proud parents of Loam.

The overwhelming success of his first novel and the amount of his second advance made his first advance seem like peanuts. And when See Me for Me was touted as the "New Alternative Lifestyle Bible" by gay rights groups around the world, it fueled sales and is now in its tenth print run. Men got in touch with their "feminine side" and left wives, fiancees, children to live how they truly believed they were inside. Juan seems unaware of the impact of his missive...but that dog don't hunt in my book.

Think it will wash when Luke comes a'calling?

Devil's Orchestra...The Devil's gonna git ya.

Age: 23

Sex: F

Occupation: Pop Diva

Born in Yokel, Mississippi, Deva--real name Lenora Smith--was the third child born to middle class blue-collar parents. Her life was ordinary by today's standards. She didn't want for much, just her parent's never had a lot of "extras" like many people today. But Deva had something extra--a set of pipes that raised the roof!

She teamed up with her buddy, Ed, who also had a nice set of pipes, and they won contest after contest around the local and surrounding areas. But Deva wanted to take her singing to the next level. Yes, singing in church, at weddings and for contests was good, but it wasn't getting her the exposure she wanted. Major record label exposure.

Deva was approached by smaller outfits who basically had her spend her money for demos and that was the end of it. Frustrated by the entire dead end process, Deva was more than ripe when Hans Kelfiger showed up with a solid plan...and a briefcase full of cash to implement it. Like a woman who knows an true opportunity when she sees it, Deva hopped at the chance. When asked about how it all began at a later date, she responded, and I repeat vebatim: "I didn’t care if he was Old Satan himself ’cause I was going to give everything I had to see if he could turn my dreams into reality."

And thus she embarked on her odyssey...

True to his word, Hans was no jive turkey. He walked the walk, not just talked the talk. Recordings, major label distribution contracts...the money was coming in hand over fist. Deva "upgraded" her image and the money fell like manna from Heaven.

But then the hype of fame and money insinuated itself into Deva's essence. Her lifestyle transitioned from wide eyed fresh to over the top siren. Her antics were increasingly bolder and bolder. In fact, her latest one got her fined by the FCC. Did that stop her? No, her most recent affair involved a young man that...let just say, he's not able to vote yet, okay?

Think she will be as "friendly" when Luke shows up? Really?

Devil's Orcestra. It NOT your average novel...
Tab McGrifth

Age: 69

Sex: M

Occupation: Radio host of Living Life as Your Right, a radio show which promotes the Christian Right and tough juvenile justice amongst other topics.

Born in Okracrobee County, North Carolina to an ornery sharecropper and his meek wife, Tab had early on wanted more than the life they had to offer. He wanted to sleep in a real bed, with more than 2 pairs of patched drawers to his name and pee without fear that a snake would bite into his pecker in the outhouse. He was sick and tired of living his life around the Farmer's Almanac and the phases of the moon.

Just as soon as he finished his 8 years of education (all his school offered) and received his diploma, he enrolled into Monrie Jr. College to study journalism. Now his father was against this decision but Tab's mousy mother stepped in and combined her voice with Tab's and furthering his education became a reality. But Tab knew what vocalizing an opinion cost his mother. He saw the signs of "home correction"--commonly called domestic violence today--when he returned home.

When he'd finished his two years, Tab found himself at loggerheads with his Pa and the long overdue explosion with his father came to a head. His Pa gave him the ultimate directive: "Get on!" Tab packed his two pairs of patched drawers, three hoghead souse sandwiches in a cardboard satchel, and along with $20 his mother ferreted to him, left to find his destiny.

He pounded the pavement, going from station to station with no luck until he reach WDMN. Now the crafty coot who owned WDMN, Whitehall Fordham--Whitey Ford, as Tab later called him-- saw something he liked in Tab. In fact when Whitey asked him if he wanted to work there, an overjoyed Tab responded, and I quote: "I'd sell my soul to the Devil for a chance to work here."

And so it began...

Tab's chance to prove himself came quickly. He wasn't on the job but a few months when a monumental event occured which catapulted Tab, Whitey Ford and WDMN to national prominence: Tab's coverage of a white woman claiming to have been raped by a black man. When the man's name surfaced, Tab took to the airwaves, pleading for the good folks to ferret out the scoundrel and bring him to quick justice. And vigilante justice was metted out rapidly. Thanks to Tab incitatory pleas and encouragement, the man was found and hung on the giant oak in front of the Courthouse Square. The only problem was, the woman was loose, like as in had many shoes under her bed which weren't her husband's loose, and the man was most likely innocent. But that didn't stop Tab then and hasn't stopped him 50 years later.

Wonder what he will say when Luke pays him a visit...

Devil's Orchestra. Whose side are you really playing for?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DEVIL'S ORCHESTRA, my latest controversial novel, will hit bookshelves around the country soon! How far would YOU go to get whatever you wanted in life? Would you be willing to even dance with the devil...and then some?

Meet the main players:

Tab McGrifth- #1 radio personality on the Eastern seaboard. He made his money the old way--by stepping on one person at a time. He's lied, cheated and "misrepresented" whatever needed to be as he clawed his way to the top of the pile. Now the man that taught him everything he knows, his old mentor Whitey Ford, has returned....

Deva- Hip hop princess extraordinaire. Many are under the impression that she is just a gorgeous airhead. But nothing could be further from the truth. With her shrewd business mind and amazing "luck", Deva is worth somewhere in the upper nine digit range. Deva, like all of us, has her faults. She loves the money--and what accompanies it--just a bit TOO much. In fact, she is slap out of control. When an old friend from back home, Ed Burris, confronts her about her lifestyle, things get explosive...

Juan Rodriguez- gay author and proud of it too. With his life partner, Zeus and son, Loam, Juan's life is definitely on track. That is, until Bodie pops back into his life. Bodie. Blond, beach boy tan, Juan's first lover. He put the w-h-o-r in whore...and doggonit if Juan wasn't still feeling him...

And then there's Luke...

Devil's Orchestra,