Saturday, March 25, 2006


Age: 23

Sex: F

Occupation: Pop Diva

Born in Yokel, Mississippi, Deva--real name Lenora Smith--was the third child born to middle class blue-collar parents. Her life was ordinary by today's standards. She didn't want for much, just her parent's never had a lot of "extras" like many people today. But Deva had something extra--a set of pipes that raised the roof!

She teamed up with her buddy, Ed, who also had a nice set of pipes, and they won contest after contest around the local and surrounding areas. But Deva wanted to take her singing to the next level. Yes, singing in church, at weddings and for contests was good, but it wasn't getting her the exposure she wanted. Major record label exposure.

Deva was approached by smaller outfits who basically had her spend her money for demos and that was the end of it. Frustrated by the entire dead end process, Deva was more than ripe when Hans Kelfiger showed up with a solid plan...and a briefcase full of cash to implement it. Like a woman who knows an true opportunity when she sees it, Deva hopped at the chance. When asked about how it all began at a later date, she responded, and I repeat vebatim: "I didn’t care if he was Old Satan himself ’cause I was going to give everything I had to see if he could turn my dreams into reality."

And thus she embarked on her odyssey...

True to his word, Hans was no jive turkey. He walked the walk, not just talked the talk. Recordings, major label distribution contracts...the money was coming in hand over fist. Deva "upgraded" her image and the money fell like manna from Heaven.

But then the hype of fame and money insinuated itself into Deva's essence. Her lifestyle transitioned from wide eyed fresh to over the top siren. Her antics were increasingly bolder and bolder. In fact, her latest one got her fined by the FCC. Did that stop her? No, her most recent affair involved a young man that...let just say, he's not able to vote yet, okay?

Think she will be as "friendly" when Luke shows up? Really?

Devil's Orcestra. It NOT your average novel...

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