Saturday, March 25, 2006

Juan Rodriguez

Age: 36

Sex: M

Occupation: Author of See Me for Me, touted as the "New Alternative Lifestyle Bible" and Two Daddies, both huge best sellers.

Born in the hills of Georgia to conservative white collar parents who'd chucked the rat-race of Los Angeles' corporate America to live the "clean, fresh" crime-free life in the country. They didn't believe in television, smoking, drinking, divorce and missing church on Sunday and Wednesdays. In fact Juan first saw televison at age 12, when he participated in a sleepover...a sleepover that left him with confusing feelings.

Juan knew what the feelings were telling him, but he pushed them down, refused to acknowledge what he was, how he was a total antithesis to his parents beliefs and expectations. Not until he left for college did he allow the closet door to quietly creak open...for Bodie.

Bodie, his professor, was Juan's first lover. Unfortunately for Juan, commitment was NOT Bodie's middle name or even on his radar. A hard lesson Juan learned one fateful day. An explosive breakup followed and Juan fell into a funk...until he put pen to paper and wrote his feelings out. His cleansing took 300 double spaced 8.5 X 11 pages but he was a better man because of it.

In fact, he wondered if others were going through similar trials. He let a few new friends read it, who let a few others read it and the suggestion to find an agent was thrown about. Juan took the advice and found a gem of one in Nancy Rottenberg.

Nancy fished the manuscript around and both of them were astounded at the offer from Oscan House books. Nancy had never seen an advance of this amount for a first time author. She wanted legal advice but Juan, overwhelmed by the size of the offer responded--exact words here-- "I don’t care if this contract makes me Lucifer’s personal valet, I’m signing this sucker!"

And he did...

Juan's world was looking up. He opened his heart to love and love found him in the form of Zeus. Zeus completed Juan, was his ying to his yang, the omega to his alpha. They felt...completed. So the decision to have a child was planned and implemented via a surrogate. They are now the proud parents of Loam.

The overwhelming success of his first novel and the amount of his second advance made his first advance seem like peanuts. And when See Me for Me was touted as the "New Alternative Lifestyle Bible" by gay rights groups around the world, it fueled sales and is now in its tenth print run. Men got in touch with their "feminine side" and left wives, fiancees, children to live how they truly believed they were inside. Juan seems unaware of the impact of his missive...but that dog don't hunt in my book.

Think it will wash when Luke comes a'calling?

Devil's Orchestra...The Devil's gonna git ya.

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