Thursday, June 25, 2009


It must be burning you up how they are eating up Obama like he's the next coming of Christ. Goes against everything your mind, body and soul believes in. I'm just too tickled, and I already know: Go fugg myself. LMAO!!!!

Now, who is willing to pay for Giraffe P****?

Can you say SC governor?

Boy, boy, boy what men won't do for some coochie! Damn shame that he hid out, lied like a dog, got the FBI involved...and in the end still had to admit he was just having a routine affair. LOL. And they say nobody will pay THAT much for it. Ha! Ask the ex-governor of NY, Kobe Bryant, soon-to-be-ex-governor of SC, and the list is much too long to include in the limited space Syd is giving me, but y'all get the picture. LOL. Men can be quite foolish.