Friday, January 30, 2009

Tab McGrifth- Blajoevich

This is what I'm talking about! You can NOT trust a Democrat! You left wing liberals just got caught with your hands in the cookie jar. Selling a congress seat! Anybody in politics knows you don't do that cockamany stuff yourself. You've got to always keep YOUR hands clean. Get a intermediary that can take the heat if it comes right down to it. But no, you Donkeys think you know everything. I smiled when they sent this joker packing.

Yeah, old W could have shown you how it should have been done. He'd of had a person in there overnight, without anybody saying crap and stuffed it down your throat. Then he'd of had those Rep spin doctors working overtime to smooth things over. Guess you donks just want all the moolah for himself. He should have remembered this keep-my-butt-out-of-jail motto: Gotta give a little to get a little. Nobody told him.

I just look at how much you liberals have "softened" up our country. A woman over congress. Got women in a bunch of high level positions. Every red-blooded man knows a woman is too emotional; can't reason things out properly. Why? It all boils down to one major thing--hormones. And you women don't have the one that counts: testosterone. Yeah, you think you've got balls but you never actually WILL have a set.

Put that in your Black & Mild and smoke it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


**booty dancing**

Our president looks like me!

Ouch! I know you can't stand to even look at his photo, can you Tab? LOL. Good. You feel like I feel whenever I look at you!

You Christian righters may as well get used to the idea you got to be LED by a BLACK man. The first lady is BLACK. Their children are BLACK.

Boo Hoo. All your lobbyist friends are about to be broke according to what the papers say. It's not business as usual on Capitol Hill. He's capping salaries too. No more gravy trains just by association. Everybody gets to actually work for a living...just like us regular folks do. I'm not even mad that's he's gonna cut tax breaks for the rich folks. Afterall, we have more so should give more.

Well, got to celebrate some more so I'm just gonna let you cry over your oatmeal, old man. LOL.

**booty dancing some more**

Juan Rodriguez

It's called tolerance, Tab. Not that you'd know anything about it. The man is Ivy League educated, is a community activist and despite all the digging, they found not one shred of anything negative to put out there in the tabloids. And besides, I thought the Hawaii photo was sexy as hell! Heck, he IS the total package for any woman...or man. Had to throw that in there.

You may as well face it, dude, POTUS is an African American. And the kicker, he's actually got the Motherland's blood in him. It's not diluted too much at all. LOL.

Tab McGrifth- Our New President...Dog!

I just can't *&*(*&ing believe we just put a self-proclaimed "mutt" in the White House! Sh*##! The man's middle name is Hussein! I don't know about you but the last Hussein I remember had the first name of Sadaam. Why not invite the Commies in too?

Our forefathers are spinning, just down right spinning in their graves. All the work to make America a safe place for OUR people, and those liberals brain wash the public to elect this man. It makes me just want to vomit! Especially when there was a good Christian man--McClain--right there for them to choose. But no, they go with the half-breed.

And did you hear him mention Muslims, Hindus and nonChristian in the same breath as good Christians? Blasphemy!

This country had better wake up! We've made a bad mistake.