Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tab McGrifth- Our New President...Dog!

I just can't *&*(*&ing believe we just put a self-proclaimed "mutt" in the White House! Sh*##! The man's middle name is Hussein! I don't know about you but the last Hussein I remember had the first name of Sadaam. Why not invite the Commies in too?

Our forefathers are spinning, just down right spinning in their graves. All the work to make America a safe place for OUR people, and those liberals brain wash the public to elect this man. It makes me just want to vomit! Especially when there was a good Christian man--McClain--right there for them to choose. But no, they go with the half-breed.

And did you hear him mention Muslims, Hindus and nonChristian in the same breath as good Christians? Blasphemy!

This country had better wake up! We've made a bad mistake.

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