Sunday, November 25, 2007

Book Trailer

The Devil's Orchestra book trailer is here! Here is the link: com/watch? v=zUA3sx6ZEOQ. Feedback appreciated.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Juan- Understand me Please!

Wow, where should I begin? I know many of you didn't agree with the choice I made...I mean, look what I tried to do in the end myself! But I don't think the "normal" straight world understands where I was coming from. What was my impetus for my actions.

It's simple. Love.

You can march on it, pull out the Bible and thump me with it and call me all kinds of horrible names, but in the end, I am in love. With Loam. With Zeus. Period. And this love I have for these two individuals, this need to sacrifice myself so that they could continue to exist as they always had is why I made the choice I did.


Look, Zeus and I are in a committed relationship and I'm willing to put our loving relationship next to ANY hetero relationship out there. I know we'd win hands down. Yes, I know what the Bible scriptures say about homosexuality, but the reality is...I'm 100% gay down to my core. I KNOW this.

Should I have tried to conform, deny who I truly was to fit in? Come on. Which is the worse sin? Marrying a woman knowing I want to love a man like myself; lying and denying my true feelings over and over and eventually spiraling into the nearly palpable hate and disdain I see emitted between husbands and wives on a regular basis? Or being in a loving relationship, showing and giving my authentic self?

I know you don't get me, my relationships, but I'll say my actions were the epitome of unconditional love. I was a sacrificial lamb so others could live.

Can you say the same?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Deva- I'm not what you think...

Some people should just be quiet and that's all I have to say about that.

Now me. I get the feeling that many of you have gotten the wrong impression about me. Let me be the first to set the doggone record straight. I am NOT a child molester, preyer of underage male flesh or any of those other things Maria Tomahawk accused me of. Her son came on to me. I avoided him, gave him a nice brush off, but did he listen and go on his merry way? NO. Don't fault me. I did my part.

See, I'm basically a down to earth kind of girl. Yes, I like nice things, but I also work my buns off to get them. If you were in my shoes and were given an opportunity of a lifetime, don't tell me you wouldn't jump on it. That's all I did. Took what I thought was an innocent opportunity and worked it to my advantage. So why all this hateration from those who have no clue about me. What you see in the papers isn't me. It what we call publicity folks. OK, I will admit, the Superball thing got out of hand, but that was Jimmy Tomahawk's fault, not mine. I was an innocent bystander just like the rest of America.

Besides, do you really believe I dress like that, wear my hair like that in the comforts of my own home? Like Dolly Parton says, 'if I wear my own hair and no makeup, no one would know me.' Believe that. I am you everyday girl-next-door type who--DON'T TELL ME TO SHUT UP! YOU SHUT UP! You had you say now shut the fuss up! I get so sick and tired of folks thinking they can tell me what to do simply because I've got a uterus. Newsflash: Women have great minds. Ugh! What-ev-er! I'm through with this!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tab McGrith- having my say

I guess you eye-flappers are wondering what the hell is going on in my head. Think you know me simply because I'm a principled man who stands up and behind what I believe. That's the way things ought to be!

Say what you want about me, I'm sick and tired of these thin-skinned, yellow bellied so called "leaders" who'll toot their butts up to the sky whenever another whinny ass misguided group puts the squeeze on them. Hell, be a man or wear a damn skirt! Stand firm, be known for something. Instead, time and time again, they roll over, spread wide, and get screwed over with no lube.

Not me! I'll be damned before anybody says ole Tab McGrifth was a wussie! I call them like I see them and if you don't like it, to hell with you! I've got an opinion and you've got yours and we've both got a constitutional right to express however we so feel. If you are too scared to say what's in your heart, that's your damn problem. I'm not. I WILL stand toe to toe and spit in the face of ignorance. The reason why many things are allowed to go on today is simply because of ignorant people. And no matter how much you try to educate them and get them to come around to "our" way of just doesn't compute with them. They are just unable to understand. All they know is sex--making love isn't in their mindset--and violence. It's my duty to try to appeal to those who DO understand; who are willing to side for right and stand up tall.

Hell, I meant what I said about those other two bozos--Deva is just a damn souped-up streetwalker and Juan, that faggot, I can't even talk about that man. We still ought to line them up and shoot them on site. I'm getting sick thinking about that sicko.

So love me or hate hell with you!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Discussion Questions- from the novel.

1. Success can be defined many different ways. While I used
money, fame and prestige, what other ways can one define a
person as being "successful?"

2. Can you list the seven deadly sins?

3. Which character’s ending surprised you the most? The least?

4. In your opinion, why is does a person pray to God in the
midst of crises yet seem to "forget" about him when the crisis
is over? Why don’t the original lessons (i.e. Ten
Commandments) "stick?"

5. What state first allowed same sex marriage?

6. What is worst? A gay person marrying the opposite sex
knowing they are still attracted to the same sex or living life as
an openly gay person? Why?

7. What is your opinion on same sex partners raising children?
Do you believe it affects the children? Leads them to a life of

8. Can you identify any of the persons used to make each
character’s composite?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Psst...Want to be my publicist?

Help me spread the wonderful message contained in Devil's Orchestra and win a great prize to boot. How to enter? It's fairly simple. Use your vast creative imagination to let folks know about Devil's Orchestra. It can be via email contact, group announcements, placing notices on various reader sites, etc. Whatever strikes your fancy, I say give it a try. Just CC me ( whenever you send out an email and/or send me an email listing the links directly.

So...what do my top five (5) volunteer publicists win? A MuVo Slim MP3 Player.

That's correct, the 5 persons who email me with the most "contacts" made wins one of these MP3 players. There is no purchase required.

Contest ends midnight, 2/28/2007. Thanks for your help and good luck to all.