Monday, February 19, 2007

Discussion Questions- from the novel.

1. Success can be defined many different ways. While I used
money, fame and prestige, what other ways can one define a
person as being "successful?"

2. Can you list the seven deadly sins?

3. Which character’s ending surprised you the most? The least?

4. In your opinion, why is does a person pray to God in the
midst of crises yet seem to "forget" about him when the crisis
is over? Why don’t the original lessons (i.e. Ten
Commandments) "stick?"

5. What state first allowed same sex marriage?

6. What is worst? A gay person marrying the opposite sex
knowing they are still attracted to the same sex or living life as
an openly gay person? Why?

7. What is your opinion on same sex partners raising children?
Do you believe it affects the children? Leads them to a life of

8. Can you identify any of the persons used to make each
character’s composite?

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