Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tab McGrith- having my say

I guess you eye-flappers are wondering what the hell is going on in my head. Think you know me simply because I'm a principled man who stands up and behind what I believe. That's the way things ought to be!

Say what you want about me, I'm sick and tired of these thin-skinned, yellow bellied so called "leaders" who'll toot their butts up to the sky whenever another whinny ass misguided group puts the squeeze on them. Hell, be a man or wear a damn skirt! Stand firm, be known for something. Instead, time and time again, they roll over, spread wide, and get screwed over with no lube.

Not me! I'll be damned before anybody says ole Tab McGrifth was a wussie! I call them like I see them and if you don't like it, to hell with you! I've got an opinion and you've got yours and we've both got a constitutional right to express however we so feel. If you are too scared to say what's in your heart, that's your damn problem. I'm not. I WILL stand toe to toe and spit in the face of ignorance. The reason why many things are allowed to go on today is simply because of ignorant people. And no matter how much you try to educate them and get them to come around to "our" way of just doesn't compute with them. They are just unable to understand. All they know is sex--making love isn't in their mindset--and violence. It's my duty to try to appeal to those who DO understand; who are willing to side for right and stand up tall.

Hell, I meant what I said about those other two bozos--Deva is just a damn souped-up streetwalker and Juan, that faggot, I can't even talk about that man. We still ought to line them up and shoot them on site. I'm getting sick thinking about that sicko.

So love me or hate hell with you!

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sydney molare said... CONTINUE to be a jerk. I should have retooled you, dejerked you but in the are who you are. A jerk. AND YOU"D BETTER NOT MAKE ANY SNIDE COMMENTS TO ME OR ABOUT ME OR YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!